Spotlight MID TEST (Modules 1-4) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight MID TEST (Modules 1-4) + KEY to test — цитаты итогового Теста за 1-е полугодие 9 класса с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе 9 класс» для учащихся общеобразовательных организаций (авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение).

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Spotlight MID TEST
(Modules 1-4) + ОТВЕТЫ

Vocabulary and Grammar

.A. Choose the correct item.
1 When Jane was a child, she ……. a lot of books about sea monsters.
A was having В would have C used to have
Can you be a little more careful, please? You …… on my keyboard.
A spill В will be spilling C are going to spill
There have been many reported ……….. of Bigfoot all over the world.
A sights В sightings C illusions
Mark…….cousin works on the ISS, wants to become an astronaut too someday.
A who В whose C which
Experts say machines that will do most chores around the house will soon …… part of our everyday reality.
A become
В overcome C exist
In the film, a horrifying sea monster creates a ….. whirlpool and pulls three large ships to the bottom of the sea.
A sharp В rustling C violent
Henry believes that scientists will someday build robots that will be…to think on their own.
A too clever В enough clever C clever enough
Ever since I changed my…to broadband, I can get on the Net much faster.
A subscription В connection C account
Maria….handicrafts for three years before she decided to open up her own pottery shop.
A was making В had been making C had made
The atmosphere at the carnival was fantastic; people were throwing……and dancing in the streets all night.
A crackers В streamers C fireworks
Emma is on holiday, so I..after her cat until she returns.
A ’m looking
В look C ’ve looked
…… creatures such as giants, dragons and sea monsters often appear in Northern European folklore.
A Optical В Mythical C Extinct
You’d better save your documents …… the computer crashes.
A in order that В in case C so that
Tom finally managed…….his computer when he had understood the cause of the problem.
A to fix
В fixing C to fixing
We can’t log on to the Internet because there is a problem with our phone…..
A server В line C drive
David……of dressing up as a pirate for the Halloween party on Saturday.
A thinks В is going to think C is thinking
I’ll help you with your homework as soon as I the phone.
A will get off В get off C am getting off
Could you take a look at Anne’s computer? She …… to fix it all morning and it still doesn’t work.
A tries В has tried C has been trying
It …. have been John who answered the phone last night; I know there was no one else home.
A must
В can C may
Cake sales are a great way to… for charities, as they are inexpensive and easy to organise.
A win В raise C attract
Susan……skydiving before, and she was very excited about her first dive.
A had never tried
В has never tried C had never been trying
One of the most exciting events in Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures is its colourful, four-day street……..
A contest В march C parade
This time next month, the astronauts ……. the Earth.
A will be orbiting
В are orbiting C will have orbited
After doing her chores, Mary went on ……… some phone calls.
A make В making C to make
Peter and Bob enjoy playing football at their local…..every Saturday.
A porch В pitch C place
You can’t make George………. his secret if he doesn’t want to.
A tell
В to tell C telling
Jane isn’t very….; she avoids meeting new people or being in public places.
A silly В helpful C sociable
The robot exhibition was…….interesting that we’re planning to visit it again next week.
A so
В such an C such
Scientists at NASA spent over ten years designing a special pen which can write in ………gravity.
A spacious В zero C vacuum
Has Tim…….living on his own yet?
A used to В been used to C got used to



.В. Read the text and match the headings (A-F) to the paragraphs (31-35). There is one heading you do not need to use.
The Tunguska explosion
31 –
A little over 100 years ago, on the morning of 30th June 1908, there was a huge explosion in the sky above the Tunguska River in Siberia. It was as if a giant bomb had gone off over the area. In fact, the explosion was so powerful that it killed 80 million trees, destroying a natural area of over 13,000 square kilometres in size.
32 –
People who saw the explosion back then all gave similar descriptions of the event: an extremely bright light, as if the sky were on fire, followed by a deafening crashing sound and strong wind. This wind was so strong that it brought down buildings, uprooted trees and knocked people to the ground. Everyone spoke of a giant fireball splitting the sky in two. In fact, the effects of the explosion were so powerful, that they spread as far as Central Asia and Northern Europe.
33 –
There are many ideas about what happened. These ideas range from the extremely unlikely (a UFO exploded) to the unlikely (a black hole passed through the Earth). But there is one idea that many scientists think may be right. This is that a meteorite (which is a rock from outer space) about 35 metres in length and weighing millions of kilos, entered the Earth’s atmosphere that day and exploded.
34 –
Still, not all scientists think that this explanation can be correct. They pay attention to the fact that no one has ever found a piece of rock from a meteorite on the ground in Tunguska They also wonder why trees in the area now grow extremely quickly. Not only this, but whatever it was that exploded over Tunguska left no mark behind.
35 –
In truth, Tunguska remains as much a mystery today as it was 100 years ago. Nevertheless, scientists intend to carry on examining the Tunguska forest and the surrounding area in the hope that one day they will discover the answer to this fascinating mystery.



.C. You will hear two friends talking. Listen and mark statements 36-40 True, False or Not stated.
36 Anna’s mother is celebrating her birthday this Saturday.
A True В False C Not stated
Anna hasn’t decided what she wants to buy her mother.
A True
В False C Not stated
Sam is playing hockey later today.
A True В False C Not stated
Sam gave his mother an expensive birthday present last year.
A True В False C Not stated
Sam is going to make a video for his mother’s next birthday.
A True В False C Not stated


Вы смотрели: Spotlight MID TEST (Modules 1-4) + KEY to test — цитаты итогового (выходного) Теста с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 9 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др.

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