Spotlight Test 1 (Module 1) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight Test 1 (Module 1) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 1 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 9 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение.

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Spotlight 9 Test 1
(Module 1) ОТВЕТЫ


A Fill in the missing word. There are three words you do not need to use.

1 Over the years, this organisation has …………….a lot of money for different local charities. (• raised)

2 If you see a spider, …………….sure you don’t kill it; I’ve heard it’s bad luck. (• make)

3 The night sky burst with colour when the magnificent fireworks…………….began. (• display)

4 Henry really enjoyed the opportunity to experience …………….. as a knight at England’s Medieval Festival last month. (• life)

5 Throwing Mum and Dad a surprise party for their anniversary this year is really a………… idea! (• bright)

6 We always sing Christmas carols during the holidays, as it is a…………….tradition in my family. (• strong)

7 Why don’t you take part in the cooking ……………….? I’m sure you’ll be the winner! (• contest)

8 It’s amazing how the town residents have …………….the local square into an open-air theatre for next week’s music festival. (• transformed)

9 Take a…………….change of warm clothes with you on your camping trip; I’ve heard it gets quite cold in the mountains at night. (• spare)

10 The children were thrilled to see Disney floats at this year’s colourful……………..parade. (• street)


 В Underline the correct item.

11 Annabel always makes a wish before she blows out / lets off the candles on her birthday cake.

12 Bob and Sue always exchange / receive gifts with each other on Christmas Eve.

13 Many people in the US dress up / decorate their Christmas trees with popcorn.

14 The Nice Carnival is a winter event which invites / attracts millions of festival-goers to France each year.

15 The Tulip Festival takes place every May and is one of Holland’s most popular monthly / annual events.

16 Please remind / remember me to call Linda tonight. I forgot to tell her about the costume party on Saturday.

17 Are Rosie and Sue winning / entering the school’s singing competition this year?

18 Everyone at the party made / took a toast to Lisa and wished her a Happy Birthday.

19 In many countries around the world, people throw / pull streamers and dance in the streets to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

20 Don’t expect the children to wait patiently / slowly for the treasure hunt to begin; they’re too excited!


C Choose the correct answer.

21 Georgia ……. many fancy dress costumes. Why don’t you borrow one from her for tonight’s party? A is having Вhas C has had

22 …….stunning costumes they’re wearing! A What В How C What a

23 That dress …….. great on Maria; pink is really her colour. A is looking В has been looking C looks

24 The children…….in the garden all morning; that’s why their clothes are dirty. A have played В have been playing C play

25 The Prague Spring International Music Festival ……. in the middle of May and lasts for about two weeks. A starts В is starting C has started

26 Has Mark found time to buy a costume for the Halloween party……..? A just В now C yet

27 Kate has not walked under a ladder……she heard it was bad luck. A for В since C ago

28 Why …….. this cheese? Is there something wrong with it? A you are smelling В do you smell C are you smelling

29 My brother…….. plays April Fool’s jokes on people because he doesn’t want to embarrass them. A usually В sometimes C never

30 Janet …… about taking part in the Mardi Gras parade next week. A think В is thinking C thinks


D Fill in: when, who, which, where, whose.

31 John …….whose………. brother is a clown, is throwing a costume party next week.

32 December 25th, ….when……. Christmas takes place, is also my parents’ anniversary.

33 Perugia, …….where…….. the Eurochocolate Festival is held every year, is a city in central Italy.

34 Lyn is the girl ……who…… is having the party on Friday.

35 The costume …….which……. George has chosen for the fancy dress party is very funny.


Everyday English

 E Choose the correct response.

36 I’m a bit anxious about something.   C What’s the matter?

37 I found 20 pounds in the street!   D Lucky you!

38 Oh, no! There’s a huge spider in the bath!   A It’s alright. It’s quite harmless.

39 I didn’t do well in the competition.   E Better luck next time.

40 It’s bad luck to break a mirror.   В That’s a load of rubbish!


F Read the text and mark the sentences T (True), F (False) or Ns (Not stated).

Hanami: a Flowering Celebration!

The beginning of spring (March-April) is a very special time in Japan, because this is when Japan’s famous cherry trees come into flower. The Japanese celebrate this happy time with festivals and flower-viewing parties.

At the end of winter, everyone’s excitement starts to grow. The whole country wants to know the exact day when the cherry flowers (‘sakura’) will appear. Starting in February, weathermen try to guess when this day will be.

When the first flowers open on the trees, national joy breaks out! There are rides and games for children in the street, music and dance performances, tea ceremonies, flower displays, and much more. But the most special thing that people do at this time is have ‘hanami’ parties. Hanami means flower watching. In hanami parties, families and friends take a picnic and go and sit under a cherry tree to look at and admire the flowers. Hanami parties take place during the daytime and also at night, because when it is dark, lights light up the cherry trees.

Hanami is very important to the Japanese. Cherry blossoms appear on trees for only one week before they fall to the ground and die, and for the Japanese this symbolises the short nature of childhood and life. So hanami is a time when Japanese people like to think about how important life is.

41 Spring is the Japanese people’s favourite time of year.  NS

42 It is not easy to know the day the cherry flowers will open.  T

43 Hanami takes place a week after the cherry trees blossom.  F

44 The cherry flowers do not stay on the trees for very long.  T

45 When the cherry flowers appear, people hope for long lives.  NS


G Listen to some people talking on a radio programme about special occasions and match the speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-E).

46 Speaker 1 В This event signals the end of childhood.

47 Speaker 2 C We look very colourful during this event.

48 Speaker 3 We become very wet during this celebration.

49 Speaker 4 A This event lasts for seven days.

50 Speaker 5 D This event goes back to medieval times.


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