Spotlight Test 6 (Module 6) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight Test 6 (Module 6) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 6 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе 9 класс» для учащихся общеобразовательных организаций (авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение).

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Spotlight Test 6 (Module 6) + ОТВЕТЫ


.A. Circle the correct answer.
1 The postal ……. delivered the parcels yesterday morning.
A officer В worker C attendant
2 Mr Anderson is giving a presentation on green transport at the town …… this evening.
A station В office C hall
3 Sarah has joined a community action group which helps find foster …… for animals that have nowhere to live.
A homes В shelters C farms
4 A number of students in our school …… old books and school supplies to local charities every year.
A donate В encourage C support
5 John looked after the injured bird until it made a……..recovery.
A natural В full C worthwhile
6 Ian couldn’t drive in the rain because one of his windscreen …….. was broken.
A wipers В headlights C seats
7 Cindy …….. into tears when a car almost hit her dog as it ran into the street.
A took В made C burst
8 My grandmother has joined a senior ……… club, where she can go on trips and do interesting activities with other people around the same age as her.
A members В citizens C persons
9 Although you can’t really tell by her untidy desk, Kate is actually a very …… secretary who does her job well and quickly.
A efficient В organised C practical


. Underline the correct word.

10 We had been driving for an hour before we found a petrol stop/station to fill the car with fuel.
11 Sharon loves children and often gets involved/volunteers with children’s charities.
12 I think the secretary/cashier at the supermarket made a mistake and gave me more change than she should have.
13 When you get to Sheffield, just follow the street signals/signs telling you which direction to take to get to the university.
14 Thomas is an excellent surgeon, as he has a lot of experience and very skilful/careful hands.



.C. Fill in the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets.
15 The Eiffel Tower ….. is visited…… (visit) by about six million people each year.
16 The exhibits in the museum must not ….. be touched…… (touch).
17 Luckily, the fire ….. was put out……. (put out) before anyone got hurt.
18 Jason believes that all types of public transport ….. will be powered…… (power) by natural gas in the future.
19 You don’t need to go to the post office. The parcel ….. has already been sent…….(already/send).
20 A new swimming pool …… was built…… (build) in the leisure centre last month.


.D. Rewrite the sentences using the causative.
21 A professional painter is drawing Jane’s portrait.
Jane is having her portrait drawn (by a professional painter)
22 A famous architect has designed Lucy’s London flat.
Lucy has had her London flat designed by a famous architect.
23 Susie’s father will fix the handlebars on her bike.
Susie will have the handlebars on her bike fixed (by her father).
24 The doctor examined Jennifer’s arm yesterday.
Jennifer had her arm examined (by a doctor) yesterday.


.E. Fill in: however, whenever, whichever, whatever or wherever.
25 Whichever country she visits, Ann always buys a souvenir to take back home with her.
26 Whatever you do, don’t forget to take a seaplane tour while you’re in Sydney; you’ll have an amazing time.
27 Annabel’s puppy follows her wherever she goes.
28 However busy you are, you can always find a little extra time to help out in your community.
29 Alex always visits Palermo whenever he’s in Italy.


.F. Complete the sentences using the correct reflexive pronoun.
30 The Andersons renovated their summer house …. themselves….. because it was cheaper than hiring someone to do it.
31 I made the costumes for the charity Fun Festival …… myself……
32 Behave ….. yourselves…… children, or we’ll leave the party immediately.
33 We were very pleased with …… ourselves…….. when we found the puppy a new home.
34 The dog’s owner ….. himself…… has admitted that he hasn’t been taking very good care of


Everyday English

.G. Complete the exchanges using the phrases below. There is one extra phrase
35 A: How often do the buses to the city centre run?
B: About every ten minutes.
36 A: Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the police station?
B: Go past the bank and turn left into Smith Street.
37 A: Is the library far from here?
B: No, just a ten-minute walk away.
38 A: Is there a toy store around here?
B: Yes, there’s one just around the corner.
39 A: The department store is on Nicholson Street, across the park.
B: Is it a long way from here?



.H. Read the text and match the headings (A-F) to the paragraphs (40-44). There is one extra heading you do not need to use.

The Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Theatre — one of the world’s biggest and most spectacular theatres — is known in all four comers of the world as the home of the outstanding Bolshoi Opera and Ballet companies.
Located near Red Square in Moscow, the Bolshoi Theatre was built in 1824. Over 2,000 people can sit inside this magnificent theatre on red velvet seats, underneath elaborate lights and beautiful gold decorations. It is simply impossible not to be amazed by a visit to the incredible Bolshoi Theatre — and that’s before a performance has even begun!
During its long history, the theatre has seen performances by some of Russia’s most famous artists and by some of the world’s best-loved composers. It has also survived some
tough moments: three fires, the construction of the Moscow metro line underneath it and bombing during the war.
In 2005, engineers announced that the Bolshoi Theatre was extremely unstable and that it could fall down at any time. So that same summer, the theatre was closed and repair work began at great cost Currently, the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theatre is expected to be completed around 2011.
When the theatre reopens, several things will have changed. But one thing won’t which is the theatre’s appearance. Every step is being taken to make absolutely certain that this magnificent theatre, when it reopens, will look exactly as it always did.



.I. You will hear two friends talking. Listen and mark statements 45-48 True, False or Not stated.
45 At the moment, Alex’s Wednesday afternoons are free.
A True В False C Not stated
46 Ben volunteers at the hospital a couple of nights a week.
A True В False C Not stated
47 Ben’s mother is a doctor.
A True В False C Not stated
48 Alex says that he would like to be a hospital volunteer too.
A True В False C Not stated


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