Spotlight Test 3 (Module 3) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight Test 3 (Module 3) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 3 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 9 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение.

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Spotlight Test 3
(Module 3) ОТВЕТЫ


 A Choose the correct word to fill in the gaps.
1 sightings sights
 a) Old castles are very popular …… sights…… in Britain.
b) Two fishermen reported …… sightings……… of a strange ten-legged creature in the lake yesterday.

2 survived existed
 a) Although many people say they have seen Bigfoot, there are no fossil remains that prove the creature ever …..existed……….
b) Can you imagine what would happen if a dinosaur somehow …… survived……… and was still alive today?

3 glaring staring
 a) Rosie couldn’t stop ….. staring…….. at the beautiful rainbow, as it was the first time she had ever seen one.
b) Why are you …. glaring……. at Stewart so angrily? Has he done something wrong?

4 extinct mythical
 a) People thought the Coelacanth was a(n) …… extinct…….. species of fish, until a fisherman caught one in 1938.
b) Annie loves story books about dragons, giants and other ….. mythical…… creatures.

5 spotted glanced
a) When Richard and Ian heard the angry shouts they ……. glanced……… around the room to see where they were coming from.
b) Has the research team ….. spotted…….. anything unusual in the area?

6 horrifying violent
 a) Last night I dreamt that a ….. violent……. whirlpool was pulling me to the bottom of the ocean.
b) Andrew’s nightmare was absolutely ……. horrifying……..; he dreamt that a threeheaded monster was approaching him, but he couldn’t move.

7 reflection shadow
 a) The moon was so bright that James could see his ……reflection……. in the lake.
b) When David saw the …..shadow…….. of a strange animal in the bushes, he started shaking like a leaf.

8 imagination illusion
 a) Jonathan’s vivid …… imagination…….. is what makes him able to write spine-chilling ghost stories.
b) Did the magician really make the man disappear or was it just an optical …..illusion….?

B. Fill in the missing word. There are three words you do not need to use.

9 These two paintings look so much ….. • alike…….. that you have to look really closely to see the few differences they have.
10 This couldn’t be a(n) ….. • human……. print; it’s far too wide and half a metre long!
11 Eric has a brilliant ….. • mind……; he’s sure to become a famous scientist one day.
12 The strange creature disappeared before we managed to catch a ….. • glimpse……. of it.
13 According to Norwegian legend, the Kraken was a(n) …… • giant……… monster that lived in the sea.
14 When Natasha is stressed out, she always dreams that a snake-headed monster …… • appears……… suddenly and starts chasing her.
15 Cubism and Surrealism are two styles of painting that have had a great ….• impact……… on modern art.
16 Garry really lives in a(n) …..• fantasy……! He believes that he will be the one who will take pictures of Bigfoot first!
17 I don’t like this painting. I think the …… • dull……. brown and grey colours the artist has used give it a sad feeling.
18 The old castle had a dark, mysterious …… • corridor………. leading to the dungeons below.


 C Put the verbs into the correct past tense.
19 Benjamin ……gasped…… (gasp) in horror when he saw the ghostly figure.
20 Claire …… was driving…… (drive) along a country road when a huge creature came out of nowhere and fell onto her car.
21 While Lisa …… was reading……. (read) a book, her brother was listening to music.
22 It was the first time that Elizabeth ……. had ever seen………. (ever/see) pictures of Bigfoot.
23 Sandra …..had been painting……. (paint) for three years before she sold her first painting.
24 Alex didn’t go to the photographic exhibition because he ……hadn’t finished………. (not/finish) his homework.
25 The research team ….. found……… (find) an unusual fossil and took it back to the lab to examine it.

 D Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets.
26 When I was still at school, I read a new ghost story every week, (would)
When I was stilt at school, I would read a new ghost story every week.

27 In the past, my sister made fun of Surrealist paintings, but now she loves them, (used to)
In the past, my sister used to make fun of Surrealist paintings, but now she loves them.

28 Eleanor’s parents never bought her books about monsters when she was a child, (used to)
Eleanor’s parents never used to buy her books about monsters when she was a child.

29 Sally visited her grandparents quite often when she still lived in London, (would)
Sally would visit her grandparents quite often when she still lived in London.

E Underline the correct item.

30 Our house can’t/may be haunted; we’ve lived here for years and we’ve never seen or heard anything unusual going on.
31 The style of that painting must/may be Cubism, because the artist has used square and rectangular shapes.
32 It can’t/may be a coincidence, but isn’t it strange that I was thinking about John at the exact moment he called me?
33 Susan may/must be at the photographic exhibition, but I’m not sure.
34 The magician’s assistant hasn’t truly disappeared; our eyes may/must be playing tricks on us!
35 You may not/can’t have seen a ghost. They’re not real!

Everyday English

 F Choose the correct response.
36 A: Last night I dreamt that a huge spider was chasing me.
B:     a) That’s a thought!        b) What do you think this means?
37 A: I woke up at 2:00 am and couldn’t get back to sleep.
B:      a) Poor you!     b) That’s a relief!
38 A: Your dream might mean that you’ll meet someone new.
B:       a) That’s horrible!        b) You can’t be serious!
39 A: Do you have any idea what dreaming about wild animals means?
В:      a) I can’t say for sure.        b) That can’t be right.
40 A: Don’t worry, your dream probably means that you’re stressed.
B:      a) Is everything alright?      b) Do you really think so?


 G Read the text and match the phrases (A-F) to the gaps (41-45). There is one extra phrase.

The platypus is a strange little creature found only in Australia. When the first platypus was sent to Europe in the 19th century, the scientists who examined it just could not believe their eyes. They believed the platypus was a joke, 41) ….. B) because of its extremely strange appearance…….. They thought some fun-loving Australian had put the feet and nose of a duck onto the body of a rat, 42) …… D) just to play a trick on them ……. !

But platypuses are real, 43) ….. E) and there is no other creature like them on Earth…… Platypuses have a nose like a duck, webbed feet like a duck, soft brown fur on their body and a long, flat tail like a beaver. As if that weren’t strange enough, even though they are mammals (which means they feed their babies milk), platypuses don’t give birth to live babies 44) ….. A) but instead lay eggs just like birds……..! No wonder scientists couldn’t decide for a very long time if platypuses were birds, reptiles or mammals.

But the platypus has even more wonderful characteristics. Platypuses find their food in rivers by using electric fields. And, if they are in danger, male platypuses have sharp hooks on their feet 45) ….. C) that produce poison strong enough to kill a dog…… It’s no surprise then, that this special, shy little animal is one of Australia’s most famous creatures. A picture of the platypus appears on the Australian 20 cent coin. Australians are very proud of their unique platypus.


 H Listen to some people talking on a radio programme about dreams and match the speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-E).
46 Speaker 1 — D The speaker is describing a nightmare he/she had as a child.
47 Speaker 2 — В The speaker believes that dreams have a special meaning.
48 Speaker 3 — E The speaker’s dream came true.
49 Speaker 4 — C The speaker is describing a dream that he/she has often.
50 Speaker 5 — A The speaker’s dream felt very real.


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