Spotlight EXIT TEST (Modules 1-8) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight EXIT TEST (Modules 1-8) + KEY to test — цитаты итогового (выходного) Теста с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе 9 класс» для учащихся общеобразовательных организаций (авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение).

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Spotlight EXIT TEST
(Modules 1-8)

Vocabulary and Grammar

.A. Choose the correct item.
1 That’s the school ……. parade float won first prize last year.
A which В that C whose
Make sure you include …… in your daily diet.
A too protein В protein enough C enough protein
If you’re looking for a dog, why don’t you get one from the animal……?
A hall В shelter C station
Sue asked the police officer where ……. her stolen car.
A they had found В did they find C had they found
We want to have a beach party so we can say a(n) ….. goodbye to summer, before we start school.
A end В final C finally
Tom is really afraid of dogs, and every time he sees one he just ……
A freezes В embarrasses C teases
Don’t forget to call Mr Smithers when you …….. to the office.
A get В will get C are getting
With four little children running around, it’s not always easy for Sarah to…… the house tidy.
A keep В make C do
After Barney ….. his chores, he had some rest.
A had been doing В was doing C had done

10 Jane …… five of her paintings so far, but she hopes she’ll sell more.
A is only selling В has only sold C only sells
Wasn’t it very kind of Nick ….. us move the furniture?
A to help В help C helping
If only I …. so much homework to do! I’d love to go out with my friends.
A wouldn’t have В hadn’t had C didn’t have
I can’t come to the cinema tonight; I ….. to a fancy dress party with my brother later.
A have gone В am going C go
You’ve managed to make your little sister cry! Are you happy with ……. now?
A herself В yourself C yourselves
Since there is …… gravity in space, astronauts have to strap everything down so it doesn’t float away.
A vacuum В airless C zero
They managed to catch a …… of the dolphin before it disappeared back into the water.
A glimpse В sighting C look
Don’t worry, it’s just a scratch. Clean it, put a …… on it and you’ll be fine.
A cast В sling C plaster
Sam still has some difficulty ….. portraits, but he’ll improve with practice.
A to paint В to painting C painting
If I …. you, I’d cut down on all that junk food.
A had been В were C would be

20 Do you think that robots will ever be able to …… more complicated tasks such as driving or flying a plane?
A exist   В overcome   C perform
(Примечание: в учебнике указан правильный вариант С, но есть вероятность, что это опечатка и правильный ответ — В)
21 That cut on your arm looks bad; you need to ……… by a doctor.
A have seen it   В have been seen   C have it seen
(Примечание: в учебнике указан правильный вариант С, но есть вероятность, что это опечатка и правильный ответ — В)
22 Jane forgot …… Stephen to the party, so she sent him another invitation.
A inviting   В invited   C to invite
(Примечание: в учебнике указан правильный вариант А, но есть вероятность, что это опечатка, а правильный ответ — С)
What time …… Susan to her piano lesson this afternoon?
A are you taking В do you take C will you take
By the time Linda gets here, we …… for her for more than an hour.
A have been waiting В will have been waiting C are going to wait
We’d better book tickets to the show now, ……. the concert sells out.
A so that В in order C in case
Though the film has a(n)…..cast, it hasn’t received very good reviews.
A all-star В box office C action-packed
Sally is….person I’ve ever met; she hardly talks to anyone.
A a most shy В the shyer C the shyest
The neglected puppies ……… from their irresponsible owner.
A were removed В had removed C were removing
You can’t invite… want to the party! We can only have twenty guests.
A whichever В whenever C whoever
This dress looks ….. perfect on you; you should buy it.
A very В absolutely C extremely



. Read the text and mark statements 31-35 T (True), F (False) or Ns (Not stated).
History has proven time and time again that there are people who can rise above difficulties and face great challenges in a way that is inspiring to all. Many people with serious disabilities often manage to not only look past their condition, but even go on to achieve greatness. Two shining examples of this are Ludwig van Beethoven and Helen Keller.
Another brilliant case is that of Alexander Vereinov, a famous Russian artist. Born in 1956, Vereinov suffers from cerebral palsy, a condition which seriously affects body and muscle movement. His first attempts at painting began at a special hospital for children suffering from cerebral palsy, where he spent his childhood. Since he had no control of his hands, Vereinov used his mouth to hold his paintbrushes. The problem was that the people at the hospital were afraid he would hurt himself, so he wasn’t allowed to paint; which is why he did all his works of art at night, in secret.
Today, Alexander Vereinov is an internationally recognised mouth artist, who has produced many stunning originals as well as reproductions of well-known paintings. His original works include the portraits of Leo Tolstoy and Alexander Pushkin. Some say that his reproductions of other well-known paintings are nearly impossible to tell from the original.
However, Vereinov’s activity does not end here. Together with Maxim Goubanov, a Russian philanthropist, he works towards raising money for the Alexander Vereinov Disabled Russian Citizens Fund. This is an organisation that aims to provide wheelchairs, medicine, food and other necessities to disabled people who do not have enough means to support themselves. Indeed, Alexander Vereinov is an inspirational example of being able to use your inner strength and determination to become successful and then use this success to help others.

31 Beethoven and Keller were born disabled. — Ns
Vereinov started painting at an early age. — T
Vereinov only painted at night because they did not let him paint during the day. — F
Vereinov’s copies of famous works of art are extremely accurate. — T
Vereinov gives part of his money to charities for the disabled. – Ns



.C. Listen to some people talking about challenges and match the speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-E).
A The speaker is not sure about trying the same thing again. — 39 Speaker 4
В The speaker does not like taking risks. — 37 Speaker 2
C The speaker enjoys doing extreme sports. — 36 Speaker 1
D The speaker’s friends do not share his/her interest in extreme sports.  — 40 Speaker 5
E The speaker feels he/she can face a challenge successfully. — 38 Speaker 3


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5 thoughts on “Spotlight EXIT TEST (Modules 1-8) ОТВЕТЫ”

  1. Ошибка 22 Jane forgot……Stephen to the party, so she sent him another invitation.
    A inviting В invited C to invite
    Тут to invite

    1. Возможно в учебнике опечатка в разделе Key yo Tests в отношении заданий 20-22. Добавили предупреждения.

    2. не, она забыла что уже пригласила его, так что послала еще одно приглашение. Inviting. Но вообще классика тестов, детям предлагается залезть к Джейн в голову и узнать, она забыла пригласить или забыла что пригласила уже.

      1. в голову к Джейн залазить не нужно, потому что она \»послала ему /ещё одно/другое/второе/ приглашение\» — отсюда вывод, что она просто забыла: приглашала она его или не приглашала.

        пысы. кстати, остальные здешние сомнения в правильности учебника также беспочвенны.

    3. это не ошибка, и все остальные примечания тоже ни к чему — все составлено правильно, читайте предложение внимательнее.

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