Spotlight 9 Entry TEST + ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight 9 Entry TEST + KEY to test — цитаты входного Теста с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе 9 класс» для учащихся общеобразовательных организаций (авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение).

Spotlight 9 Entry TEST + ОТВЕТЫ

Choose the correct item.

1 Stop……time playing computer games and do your homework!
A losing В missing C wasting
Jenny isn’t here, she …….. at her friend’s house tonight.
A stays В is staying C will stay
When we were in Rome, we went on a guided ……..of the city.
A tour В excursion C expedition
Since Brian has always been interested in the stars and planets, it’s no wonder he chose to study …….
A Astronomy В Engineering C Chemistry
Be careful! You…….into that car!
A will crash В are crashing C are going to crash
Can you please get ready? There’s …….time before our guests arrive.
A a lot of В very little C few
Little David has ….. much taller since the last time I saw him.
A developed В increased C grown
This school… …. in the 1960s.
A was built В built C had built
…….I use your phone, please?
A Should В Must C May
When we don’t water flowers they……..
A will die В die C are dying
Paul ….. going to bed late, so he always feels sleepy at around 11:00 pm.
A didn’t use to В isn’t used to C doesn’t get used to
John usually has……eggs and some orange juice for breakfast.
A scrambled В roast C grilled
Susan’s father works as an air traffic ….. at the airport.
A programmer В warden C controller
Mark really needs to speak to you. He ……. you every five minutes for the last two hours!
A ’s been calling В ’s calling C was calling
If you buy more than three books at this shop, they… a better price.
A are giving В would give C will give
The chicken is OK, but the rice is a little.
A raw В overcooked C rare
James had to……schools because his family went to live in a different part of town.
A leave В move C change
After the huge earthquake, the small village was left……ruins.
A on В in C by
Jenna grew tired of her long hair, so she decided…….short.
A to be cut В to have it cut C it was cut
Liz informed us that she …… tickets to the show yet.
A hadn’t found В didn’t find C hadn’t been found
You don’t need a…….to get on the Internet.
A data В software C password
Maths ………my favourite subject when I was at school.
A has been В were C was
Can you repeat what you said………, please?
A clearer В most clearly C more clearly
Kenneth…….his hometown since he came to live in the city.
A hasn’t visited В hasn’t been visiting C wasn’t visiting
Are you sure this is….. leather? It doesn’t look like it.
A original В genuine C realistic
I usually like eating out, but tonight I’d like at home.
A eating В I eat C to eat
Frank ……for six hours without a break, so he decided to stop somewhere to rest.
A had been driving В drove C was driving
Stephen is very ……… because he does weightlifting five times a week.
A plump В overweight C muscular
You ……. get a taxi to the airport. I’ll give you a lift if you want.
A mustn’t В don’t have to C can’t
Paul wanted to buy that DVD player, so he asked the salesman how much ……….
A did it cost В it cost C it costs
What would you do if you …… someone famous?
A had met В met C would meet
James spends a lot of time on his computer ………with his online friends.
A chatting В telling C texting
Why go shopping in the city centre when I can find everything I need at my ……market?
A native В foreign C local
The famous tennis player has announced that he will not be taking part in any more…..
A half-times В championships C tournaments
Cynthia pays 30 euros ……. hour for guitar lessons.
A a В an C the
….Ted? Let me introduce you to him.
A Have you met В Have you been meeting C Do you meet
Since you lost Lilly’s CD, ……you could do is apologise to her.
A the least В little C the less
When Nick’s computer broke down it…… a technician.
A had it taken В was taken C had taken
George……. abroad before, so he was very excited about his trip to Spain.
A had never travelled В was never travelling C had never been travelling
I asked Joe about the broken window, but he just…..his shoulders and said nothing.
A clenched В shrugged C tapped
The hotel was nearly buried in snow when a(n) ………hit the small skiing resort.
A tornado В flood C avalanche
I’ll send you the email as soon as I’m able to ………to the Internet.
A connect В download C install
If Alex hadn’t left home so late he…..his flight.
A didn’t miss В wouldn’t have missed C wouldn’t miss
Lisa asked her brother …… her computer without asking her first.
A don’t use В not to use C to not use
Are you sure you feel ……. to come on the picnic with us?
A enough well В too well C well enough
I think your……shirt will go perfectly with your new jeans.
A striped cotton blue В cotton blue striped C blue striped cotton
It’s not worth….so much money on a pair of shoes that you’ll only wear once or twice.
A spending В you spend C spend
The show…….at 8:00, so we have plenty of time to get to the theatre.
A has started В is starting C starts
Lilly …. have taken up squash; she hates indoor sports.
A mustn’t В can’t C shouldn’t
Did Chris himself tell you that he got a pay rise, or did you hear it on the….?
A media В grapevine C headlines
Can you please stop playing that terrible song over and over again? It’s….me crazy!
A taking В flying C driving
…… you hurry up and get ready, we’ll be really late.
A If В When C Unless
Badminton is a fun sport, and you don’t really need any…….equipment for it.
A technical В opposing C physical
Marshall…….be less selfish and start caring about other people besides himself.
A should В needs C ought
The …… has decided to make some last-minute changes to tomorrow’s front page.
A producer В editor C director
Please hurry, sir, all the other passengers have already……the plane.
A caught В boarded C taken
Robin……Karen that she couldn’t go to her birthday party.
A told to В said C told
Are you sure I still have your book? I remember ………it to you two weeks ago.
A returning В to return C return
They have decided to rebuild the old town library which…..during the earthquake.
A drowned В collapsed C cracked
Do you like the salad? It’s made……. fresh vegetables from our garden.
A by В of C with
Although Nathan has a very……. nose, he’s actually quite handsome.
A bushy В curly C crooked
Emma has a tough deadline to meet, so she’s been working……for the last few days.
A full-time В overtime C part time
They…….town for a week, but they haven’t visited us yet.
A have been in В have gone to C have been to
Can you…….some cheese for the spaghetti, please?
A pickle В peel C grate
You need to be less ……. and realise that there is a positive side to everything.
A insincere В optimistic C pessimistic
I ….. that you can be so insensitive at a time like this!
A don’t believe В ’m not believing C wasn’t believing
The……..we leave, the less traffic we’ll find in the streets.
A early В earlier C earliest
Helen usually has a small……of chocolate after lunch.
A bar В loaf C slice
I haven’t really decided yet, but I think I ……….a party for my birthday.
A ’m going to have В ‘m having C ’ll have
The …… at the supermarket gave me the wrong change; I gave her a €10 note, but she thought I gave her a €5 one.
A operator В cashier C teller
Lilly thinks that baggy trousers look ….. ridiculous, so she never wears them.
A too В much C enough
Don’t worry; everyone came in late today, so we’re all in the same……..
A boat В track C ship
What Sonya…….hate most when she was a nurse were the night shifts.
A was used to В got used to C used to
David…..the bank, but he won’t be long. Would you like to wait for him?
A has gone to В has been in C has been to
Celia …… about her little brother; it’s so annoying to hear the same things every day!
A had always complained В is always complaining C will always complain
Jeremy…… the gym every day.
A works out В goes C practises
Of course you can trust Pete! He’s one of the most……..people I know.
A patient В sociable C reliable
Stewart wants to get a….as an accountant.
A work В career C job
We were surprised …….. that George was moving to a new school.
A to hearing В to hear C hearing
Harry’s much better at tennis than me; I can never…….him.
A win В beat C gain


Вы смотрели: Spotlight Entry TEST + KEY to test — цитаты входного Теста с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе» для учащихся 9 класса общеобразовательных организаций. Авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др.

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