Spotlight Test 7 (Module 7) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight Test 7 (Module 7) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 7 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе 9 класс» для учащихся общеобразовательных организаций (авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение).

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Spotlight Test 7
(Module 7) + ОТВЕТЫ


.A. Fill in the missing word. There are three words you do not need to use.
1 On cold winter nights, Joanna likes to sit by the fire and eat a bowl of hot …. • tasty •….. soup.
2 I love …..• home-made •….. bread! It’s so much better than what we buy at the bakery.
3 When I was young, we always had …..• roast •……. beef and mashed potatoes for Sunday dinner.
4 Rick hasn’t eaten anything all day; I’m sure he’s …..• starving •……!
5 It’s bad enough that Tim is so afraid of flying that thinking about it makes him …..• embarrassed •……
6 If you want to lose weight, you should …..• cut •…… down on sweets and exercise more.
7 The best way to …..• burn •……. calories is to exercise and drink plenty of water.

8 David was very nervous about giving a speech in class, and started …..• shaking •…… like a leaf.
9 Tracy is so afraid of being in enclosed spaces that just thinking about getting into a lift makes her heart …..• beat •……. faster.
10 Parents can teach their children good …..• eating •…… habits by offering them healthy food choices.
11 Mum jumped on a chair and ……• screamed •…… loudly when she saw a mouse in the kitchen.
12 Jason is eating so fast that it looks like he’s not even …..• chewing •……. his food!

. Underline the correct item.
13 Are you sure Phillip joined/took up mountain climbing? I thought he was scared of heights.
14 Anne is thinking about putting on/going on a diet, as she wants to lose some weight.
15 Kate tries to avoid desserts/snacks such as crisps and biscuits, as they are unhealthy and only make her hungrier.
16 Fear is a basic human/nervous emotion which is often accompanied by panic or shock.
17 Carrots improve your eyesight, as they are rich/full in vitamins A and C.
18 Jim leads/passes such a busy life that he rarely finds time to work out at the gym.



.C. Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
19 If I ….were…… (be) you, I would be very careful; there are poisonous snakes in this area.
20 If grass isn’t watered, it …..doesn’t grow……. (not/grow).
21 The cat …..wouldn’t have scratched…… (not/scratch) Harry if he hadn’t tried to pull its tail.
22 Your headache will go away if you ….. take……. (take) some aspirin.
23 If I ….. had eaten…… (eat) breakfast this morning, I would have been able to concentrate better on my maths test.
24 Never follow a particular diet unless you …… discuss……. (discuss) it with your doctor first.
25 If George …… exercised…….(exercise) regularly, he would be in better shape.
26 The operator ….. will connect……. (connect) you to the emergency service you want if you dial 999.


.D. Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
27 Ann wishes she ….. had……. (have) more time so that she could take up a sport.
28 If only Timothy ….. used…… (use) his common sense more often.
29 Alan wishes he …… had brought……. (bring) some warm clothes with him so that he wouldn’t feel so cold.
30 Jane wishes she …… had taken……. (take) the self-defence class when she had the chance.
31 If only I ….. were not…….(not/be) tired all the time; maybe I should get more sleep.


.E. Underline the correct item.
32 Facing your phobias instead of avoiding them might/ought help you overcome your fears.
33 You mustn’t/don’t have to approach a wild animal; they can be very unpredictable.
34 You needn’t/can’t be an expert in karate to learn how to defend yourself.
35 If you don’t know the correct answer in a test, use your intuition; it may/needs help you.
36 If someone tries to snatch your bag, you shouldn’t/don’t have put up a fight; just run away.


Everyday English

.F. Choose the correct response.
37 Emergency Services. Which service do you require? — В Fire Service, please.
38 Can I speak to a police officer, please? — A Just a moment, please.
39 What is the nature of the emergency? — D There is a person stuck in the lift.
40 Ambulance service? My brother’s fallen down the stairs. He’s hurt. — E Help is on the way. Please stay on the line.
41 Is that 999, Emergency Services? — C No, sorry. You’ve got the wrong number.



.G. Read the text and fill in the gaps (42-46) with the phrases (A-F). There is one phrase you do not need to use.

It is a sad reality that children all around the world are putting on more and more weight, 42) C. and many health experts say junk food is responsible. Unhealthy meals and snacks are freely available in many primary and secondary schools, which raises the serious question of whether schools should ban junk food in order to help children keep their weight down.
There are some good reasons for banning junk food in schools. For instance, eating junk food has been shown to cause nervousness and bad behaviour in children. Children would behave and perform better in the classroom 43) A. if junk food wasn’t available in schools. In addition, given a choice between junk food and healthy food, a child will always choose junk food. As eating too much junk food can cause serious diseases, it is inappropriate that schools offer children junk food, 44) E. as it is their job to protect and care for children.
There are also, however, very good reasons for not banning junk food in schools. For example, telling a young child that they are not allowed to have a particular type of food simply makes that food more appealing to the child. So, a ban could in fact increase the appeal of junk food. What is more, as children will still be able to get junk food outside of school, banning it in schools will do little good, 45) F. as this action will not change children’s general eating habits.
All in all, the strong arguments on both sides of the debate make it clear that it is difficult to decide if banning junk food in schools is a good idea. It seems unlikely, however, that ‘hiding’ foods from children will do much good. What seems more likely to work is educating children about healthy eating habits. Parents have the greatest influence over a child’s eating habits, thus it is perhaps in the home 46) D. and not in schools, where food education must take place.



.H. Listen to two friends talking and mark statements 47-50 True, False or Not stated.
47 Ian’s parents want him to get his dog from an animal shelter.
A True В False C Not stated
48 Claire is afraid even when she sees a drawing of a dog.
A True В False C Not stated
49 Ian thinks it’s a mistake for Claire to stay away from dogs.
A True В False C Not stated
50 John’s fear of dogs is even worse than Claire’s.
A True В False C Not stated


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