Spotlight Test 5 (Module 5) ОТВЕТЫ

Spotlight Test 5 (Module 5) + KEY to test — цитаты Теста № 5 с ответами из сборника контрольных заданий УМК по английскому языку серии «Английский в фокусе 9 класс» для учащихся общеобразовательных организаций (авторы: Ю.Е. Ваулина и др./ М.: Просвещение).

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Spotlight Test 5 (Module 5) ОТВЕТЫ


A. Fill in the missing word. There are three words you do not need to use.

1 No one knows the author’s name, as he chooses to …. • remain •…. anonymous.
2 Jonathan absolutely loves adventure films which are … • set •…… in medieval times.
3 The children had to sit perfectly …. • still •…. while the photographer was taking their picture.
4 Some Hollywood actors like to perform their own ….. • stunts •…… no matter how dangerous these are.
5 The artist’s …. • miniature •…… sculptures are so small that they fit on the top of a pinhead.
6 Most of his paintings …. • portray •….. scenes from the town where he grew up.
7 You can’t draw graffiti on that man’s house, it’s ….. • private •…… property!
8 Children often express their ….. • artistic •…… creativity through finger painting and drawing.
9 Ian loves crime novels because they always have interesting and mysterious …. • plots •……

В. Fill in the correct phrase.

10 Rick loves …… • action-packed •……. films, as they are full of excitement and adventure scenes.
11 Shakespeare in Love is a great romantic comedy with an amazing …..• all-star •….. cast including Joseph Fiennes, Gwyneth Paltrow and Geoffrey Rush.
12 Steve made a fantastic replica of an ancient ship in …..• model making •……. class.
13 The …..• special effects •…… in Harry Potter were brilliant; it really looked like the characters could do magic!
14 The …..• box office •…… success Mama Mia made over 69 million pounds in the UK alone.
15 Claire made a beautiful clay vase on the ……• potter’s wheel •……. we gave her for her birthday.


C. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the words in brackets.

16 John is by far the most talented pupil in the art class.
17 Which of Beethoven’s compositions do you think is the most famous ?
18 Sue has been practicing a lot, so her artwork is getting better and better all the time.
19 That’s the worst film I’ve ever seen; the characters were shallow and the ending was dull and predictable.
20 Nick sculpts much more accurately than I do because he pays attention to every little detail.
21 The more Anne practiced, the easier it became for her to paint portraits.
22 The author’s book is quite good, but it’s not as interesting as his last novel.
23 Willard Wigan’s sculptures are the tiniest works of art in the world.

D. Underline the correct item.

24 We left in the middle of the film because it was extremely/completely slow-paced.
25 Tim would sooner/would prefer see a science fiction film than a comedy.
26 The theatre was totally/fairly empty, as they had cancelled Monday night’s performance.
27 Sarah is slightly/totally nervous about singing in front of a live audience tomorrow night.
28 We would prefer/would rather go to a classical music concert than go to a rock concert.
29 The Sydney Opera House is a very/completely famous theatre in Australia.
30 It’s fairly/completely impossible to find tickets to the ballet.
31 Jane would rather/would prefer to take pottery classes than learn how to sculpt.
32 It was absolutely/rather late, so Annabel put her paintbrushes away and decided to stop painting for the day.
33 Olga prefers/would rather going to the cinema on a weekday, when it’s not so crowded.

Everyday English

E. Complete the dialogue using the phrases below.

Chris: Hey, Pete. We’re all going to a jazz concert tonight. Do you want to come with us?
Pete: 34) I can’t make it, I’m afraid. And to be honest, I’m not too keen on jazz.
Chris: I didn’t know that. 35) What sort of music do you like?
Pete: Actually, I’m really into classical music.
Chris: I like that too. 36) What do you think of Mozart?
Pete: My favourite!
Chris: Well, that’s great, because I have tickets to The Magic Flute. Do you like it?
Pete: 37) I absolutely love it!
Chris: So, do you fancy coming to that?
Pete: 38) Sure, count me in!


F. Read the text and answer the questions that follow.


А. The Class

The Class is about a young teacher who works at a school in a poor area of Paris and his difficult students. The story was originally a book written by Francois Begaudeau. The film tells the sad story of how a teacher tries to teach his class of teenage students but fails, because the students don’t respect education or teachers, and because they have no desire to learn. Everyone who stars in the film (including Begaudeau, who plays himself) is a non-professional. People expect The Class to be boring because the teacher-student theme has appeared in films many times before, but it isn’t. It is an absolutely brilliant film and no one should miss it.

B. Slumdog Millionaire

Director Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire is the story of Jamal, a poor boy in India, who goes on the TV show ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’. The story was originally a prize-winning novel by Indian author Vikas Swarup. Jamal wins the TV show. But before he does, they take him to a police station because the police think that he is cheating. While the police ask Jamal questions, we see events from Jamal’s life which explain why he knows the answers.
At one point, the creators of Slumdog Millionaire had decided not to show it in film theatres, and just make it into a DVD. Luckily they changed their minds, because this film is now an international hit!

C. American Teen

American Teen is a documentary film by director Nanette Burstein. Burnstein filmed the lives of five teenagers, who go to a school in Indiana, USA. She followed the students filming their everyday lives for a year, because she wanted to show what it is like to be a teenager in America today.
American Teen is an enjoyable documentary, but sometimes it doesn’t feel true to life. In fact, some film critics think that Burstein gave the teens lines to learn. But in interviews, the teenagers have always said that the film is 100% real-life and no one is acting.
Whether real-life or not, American Teen is an entertaining look at young people today.

Which film (A, B, or C) …

39 is extremely popular all over the world? B
40 is about someone trying but not succeeding? A
41 does not seem realistic to some people? C
42 was first a very successful book? B
43 is about daily life experiences? C
44 is interesting even though the plot is not original? A
45 was not going to play in cinemas at first? B


G. Listen to some people talking about music on a radio programme and match the speakers (1-5) to the statements (A-E).

A The speaker enjoys going to concerts. 48 Speaker 3
В The speaker is not sure he/she is talented enough. 50 Speaker 5
C The speaker only likes listening to a particular type of music. 49 Speaker 4
D The speaker’s family inspired him/her to become a professional musician. 46 Speaker 1
E The speaker feels nervous about performing in public. 47 Speaker 2


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